The Hockey Goalie Clinic program emanates from the tradition of the Czech goalkeeping school enriched with the latest information and trends we draw from all over the world. Our team of experienced and educated coaches unselfishly conveys this specific skill set to our trainees, with a special didactic approach in working with young goalkeepers. Our systematic coaching process is based on: individual approach, emotional connection with trainees, psychology of training, detailed video analysis and classification. A set of all instruments in a long-term timeframe provides a guarantee in achieving effective and in fact efficient goalkeeping interventions.

The Hockey Goalie Clinic might sound a bit pretentious at first, but the name certainly speaks a lot about our program. Today's civilization, the so-called the Modern world is "fast forward" on daily basis, and definitely in all spheres of life, having a huge impact on Ice Hockey as a very specific sport discipline

Hockey Goalie Clinic offers following:

  • In the course of the training, we guide and direct our trainees verbally as well as demonstrating the technique of imperfect goalie interventions, performing necessary corrections that lead to the removal of bad habits and mistakes.
  • Coaches, through their personal approach and established emotional connection with trainees in a positive atmosphere, "pull" them in to the process in such a way that the goalkeepers provide the maximum during the training and thus develop the maximum potential with their own will and desire.
  • We have a rule where one coach works only with 2-3 goalkeepers at the time, which ensures a more individual approach to each goalkeeper. This leaves us with plenty of time to analyze the feedback, as well as to specify and correct imperfect interventions and work on the removal of bad habits.
  • The goalkeeper during the game (but also during the training time) is under great psychological pressure. Only if he succeeds in overcoming pressure then he will be able to be successful goalkeeper. Our coaches with their personal approach and experience, kindly share their knowledge, and at the same time they are their psychological coaches as well . This is an essential part of the sport that we take very seriously. Almost every trainee goalie has his mental – psychological guru to contact and ask for suggestions and support, in person or by phone.
  • Thanks to video technology, various intelligent mobile applications, we can monitor and respond promptly and adequately depending on the situation. We provide the opportunity to give each of our trainees the recorded material after each action on which he participates.
  • Individual approach, video analysis and diagnostics – of course all this leads to the evaluation of each action we organize.
  • With the help of video records, evaluations given by the coach, after each of the actions on which he participates, the trainee can follow his own development and qualitative growth.