Individual Training

Our individual training is perfectly made for every single goalkeeper. The priority of our trainers is to concentrate on merest details and differences of each goalie to properly consider his or her performance and based on which will be spent the on-ice training for all it’s worth. The training itself is not only going in maximal pace, but moreover during the drill are analyzed possible mistakes which could be made. Emphasis is also laid on the correct performance of each exercise.

Group Training

The group training means 2 or 3 goalkeepers who are led by one trainer during every single drill. The low number of participants on each exercise tend the needs of every single goalie. In case of the small number of goalies, the trainer himself is not only fully concentrated on each goaltender and each exercise, but the drill is going in maximal pace with maximal concentration as well.

Off-ice Training

On the off-ice training, we aim to keep an eye on the latest trends and methods in the area of goaltending. We try to show the participants how to strengthen the specific muscles without which could be the goalie weakened not only during the regular drills but also during the maximal force stress through the game. The particular drills are also the way how to prevent potential injuries.


One of the mostly forgotten, however important part of the training is consultation with the participants. We offer the consultation not only to the participants but even to their parents. In this way are shared our experience, skills and important information which are useful for a big or small goalie.

Video Analysis

The drills are recorded and the taped materials are subsequently analyzed in great detail with the goalkeepers, alternatively even wit their parents. Our team is ready to provide even detailed analysis on a special request whose outcome could be used for creating an individual developing plan of each goalie.

Promotion Video

Recorded material that will allow you to get to know the program better and see up close all the benefits of working with the young goalkeepers

We are looking forward to our common way whose aim is to improve goalie skills under the supervisor of our professional team of trainers.